All inclusive deals – for your peace of mind!


What are the benefits of rent that includes bills?

We know that dealing with household bills can be stressful and can lead to arguments about when to put the heating on! That’s why we offer all inclusive deals from £115.00 per person per week.
• No bills means harmony among housemates!
• You’ll have a fixed monthly price as part of your monthly rent.
This means that you can forget about unexpected bills or arguing about who pays what. You just get on with living your life! Your all inclusive rent gives you more control over your personal expenditure.

What’s included ?
• Gas & Electricity
• Water – Unlimited Water and Sewerage on unmetered properties
• Broadband – Unlimited usage, ideal for sharing.

Fair Usage Policy

When the bills are included within the rent, a Fair Usage Policy will apply to ensure that your energy and water usage is not too excessive and kept within sensible limits.
Your gas and electricity allowances are designed to be reasonably generous and if you are sensible with your energy consumption, it is unlikely that you will exceed these limits.