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Headingley - The Place To Be!
Headingley is a vibrant, young, exciting and 'happening' place to live. It has everything you could possibly need right on your doorstep! Read More

  What are the benefits of rent that includes bills? We know that dealing with household bills can be stressful and can lead to arguments about when to put the heating on! That's why we offer all inclusive deals from £115.00 per person per week. • No bills means harmony among housemates! • You'll have a fixed monthly price as part of your monthly rent. This means that you can forget about unexpected bi Read More

Don’t assume your friends will make great housemates! Living with friends can be a very positive experience but you may find it rather annoying when they’ve eaten your frozen pizza and finished the last of the milk and didn’t replace either! Some people have lived quite ‘pampered’ lifestyles at their parents house and don’t always realise that living with other people requires respect for and recogn Read More